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Ciarán Hanrahan
Ciarán HanrahanHead of Product v4.0

Welcome to the 4.0 changelog!

The productivity of our engineering team has been astounding. This rate of progress is only possible with the enormous contributions we receive from the open-source community. Since 3.0 we have pushed 2,730 commits involving 67 contributors, and our repo has received 28,400 stars on Github, so we would like to take this opportunity to once again, thank everyone who has contributed.

Since 3.0, we've made huge strides towards delivering on our brand promise of making scheduling infrastructure for absolutely everyone. We started by focussing on providing the best scheduling experience for individuals, built our product up for teams, and now we’re delivering that experience for larger organizations with hundreds and soon thousands of employees. 4.0 brings with it something that’s going to bring scheduling to even more people and beyond the use cases and markets that our team could even think of. We’ve been working on this solidly since our last major release and we’re incredibly excited to launch it…

Announcing Cal Platform: A headless scheduling API powered by Cal Atoms

Seamlessly integrate scheduling into your app or marketplace, with customizable, plug and play React components, powered by the battle-tested infrastructure. With Cal atoms, you can control every facet of the experience. Our versatile APIs and libraries let you combine the simplicity of pre-built components with the freedom of custom UIs. Not only that, Cal atoms are flexible, secure and fully compliant under HIPAA and SOC2. We’re launching with atoms for the Booking calendar, Availability and Connecting to Google Calendar, with more on the way.

The requests we’ve heard most have come from people building online marketplaces for services ranging from education to professional services to hiring and healthcare, but the use cases are infinite - if there’s scheduling in your infrastructure, Cal atoms are your building blocks. We can’t wait to see what you build.

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Meet the future of voice scheduling. Powered by

With, you can set up a human-like voice agent that automatically calls a phone number when there is an issue, and anyone can call when support is needed. voice agents have lightning-fast interaction with 1 second latency, realistic voices with emotions and interruption and end-of-turn detection!

Let your assistant take care of everything… over the phone!

  • Schedule meetings over a phone call

  • Make yourself more accessible to everyone by showing a simple phone number to call to book

  • Automate follow-ups about missing information or any further action needed about your bookings


Since 3.0

Since 3.0, we've made huge performance improvements with seconds shaved off several experiences across our app and public bookings pages:

  • Booking page: 6s → 900ms

  • User pages ( 5s → 700ms

  • Large round-robins: 15s → 3s

  • Availability: 4s → 300ms

  • App store; 10s → 1.5s

  • Settings pages: 2-5s → 300ms - 1s


  • We held our first hackathon: OSS hack

  • We launched the best enterprise scheduling experience for organizations in 3.1 

  • Bulk user management for organizations in 3.2

  • Email embeds so you can share availability and direct bookings links in an email in 3.2

  • View availability for your entire team in 3.3

  • for creating bookings and more, directly from your inbox in 3.4

  • Overlay your calendar so you don’t have to refer to your calendar when booking someone else in 3.4

  • Monthly digest emails for teams so you can see what’s going on in your team in 3.4

  • Troubleshooter for seeing exactly what settings and events are affecting your availability in 3.5

  • Out of Office with booking forwarding v1.0 in 3.7 and v2.0 in 3.9

  • Instant meetings to get on a call with available members instantly in 3.7

  • Round-robin priority ranking in 3.8

  • Use a secondary email address as the organizer enabling you to use multiple emails in one account via a connected calendar in 3.8 and with any email address in 3.9

  • Custom branding for Organizations with banners on the booking page in 3.8

  • Managed event types v2.0 with the ability to lock/unlock specific settings to have full control over what your members can and can’t edit in 3.9

Check out the app

Schedule timezone changes when travelling

If you travel for work and need to take bookings in another timezone this feature is going to make your life a lot easier. It was previously possible to somewhat solve this problem by creating another schedule, changing the timezone to where you were going, applying that to an event type and then sharing that event type with people who needed to book you while you were away - not very reliable. Now you can schedule a timezone change and anyone who books you during that period will be booking you at the correct time for the timezone you will be in.

Go to Settings → General and alongside your timezone you can schedule a change. Any event type that uses your default availability schedule will update based on your dates of travel. Bon voyage.

Schedule timezone change

Support for everyone

We’re investing in first-class support for every user. In the past we’ve relied on our community to help with certain things but we are now launching best-in-class real-time support for every user, including individuals on a free plan.

Improvements, fixes & updates since 3.9

  • If you created your account with Google you can now add the option to login with an email address and vice versa.

  • We improved the flow after installing a new App so it’s easier to know what to do with the app once you’ve installed it and it also takes fewer steps to get it setup.

  • We added a new organization onboarding wizard so you can upgrade an existing team to an organisation ( without breaking previous links and redirecting back. Previously we required org members to create a new account.

  • You can now select exactly which team members receive emails for Routing Forms.

  • We added a post-booking Rating Template to Workflows so you can give and get feedback on calls.

  • We added enterprise phone calls. More on that above.

  • We now display organization banners on personal event types.

  • We added support for platform-wide webhooks.

  • We added SSO for orgs.

  • We added a golden verified badge for org members

  • We fixed an issue where if you clicked to "Add guests" but didn’t add a guest our form validation wouldn’t let you submit the booking even though the guest input should not have been required email input is blocking form submission.

  • We fixed OOO for team events which were not actually marking members OOO as expected.

  • We fixed an issue where if the "Lock timezone on booking page" feature was enabled for an event, the timezone on the booking page was locked based on the timezone of the user accessing the booking page and not actually locking it.

  • We made some copy/UX improvements to our feature for which “Email is displayed as organizer” in the event type settings.

  • We improved the defined slot start times to avoid having missing slots on your calendar.

  • We fixed an issue with broken rescheduled links in emails created by workflows for team event types.

  • We fixed an issue where team admins were unable to create managed events.

  • We fixed a rescheduling issue in round-robin event types causing incorrect video links to appear on the booking.

  • We fixed a bug in Zapier when the user has no bookings.

  • We fixed an issue where the Attendee address and phone number field were not showing in booking questions.

  • We fixed an issue where email embeds were displaying the wrong date.

  • We fixed an issue with dynamic event length changes when rescheduling.

  • We fixed an issue with booking limits for team events where slots were shown as available even though the limit was already reached.

  • As usual, there were many many more fixes and you can view them all here.

That’s it for this month, thanks for reading. If you'd like to give us feedback on anything we've shipped this month - we'd love to hear from you! Email us at

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