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Peer Richelsen
Peer RichelsenCo-Founder, Cal.com

Cal.com Longevity Guarantee

Software made for eternity

Cal.com is built for the future of the web. We believe that code is abundant and should be owned by both everyone and no one.

Cal.com, Inc., a technology startup from San Francisco, 2261 Market Street #4382, is the sole owner of the Cal.com trademark and provides the team of core contributors, however given the nature of our open core product, the core repository is a public good, licensed under AGPLv3.

An incredible list of 40+ individual investors has invested in the two funding rounds, providing a decade of runway with our current team size and monthly recurring revenue.

However, in the unlikely event of Cal.com, Inc. discontinuing to support the Cal.com repositories, we’ve set up agreements to transfer ownership to the top four contributors at that given time and in accordance with our contributor license agreements, all AGPLv3 and enterprise-licensed code will be relicensed as MIT.

Additionally, a nonprofit foundation shall be incorporated. The current leadership team and a list of early believers and investors have agreed to fund the newly formed foundation with at least five years of additional funding via donations.

As long as the web exists, humans will continue to create exciting connections and prosper.

We’ll make sure they can book someone's cal, forever.

Peer & Bailey

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